What dirty things should me and my friend google at school?

Answer 2 girls 1 cup

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I recently acquired contact lenses and am still in school. What things should i bring to school with me?

Your case, in case they both you, and a travel size bottle of your cleaning solution.You can pour it directly onto the contact while still in the eye without irritation, you may need a tissue though.

My mom said " I can see everything you type on facebook so no cussing or dirty things or bad things"?

I had a 13 year old Daughter once. lolMaybe she meant she can see everything which the rest of your friends can see. Otherwise, if she has your password or key logging software (which then gives he... Read More »

I'm going to a new school and I need HELP on financial aid things, can someone tell ma what should I do?

the COA stands for the Cost Of Attendance. This is an estimate of the cost it would be for an out-of-state student to attend that college for one year. Your ACTUAL cost may be more or less depend... Read More »

Should my friend go to school if she has a bad ugly pimple in her face.?

she should go to schoolpimples are natural they come and goso dont worry so much