What direction will you go from Europe to South America?

Answer Getting on any plane to any destination anywhere in the world is currently most unlikely without identification, and the method of identification is most likely to be a passport so - NO.

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Is the South Pole in South America?

The South Pole is not located on the continent of South America. The exact location of the point is at a latitude of 90 degrees south latitude, near the center of the continent of Antarctica.Source... Read More »

What year was America's first flight to Europe?

The first flight from America to Europe took place in 1919. The United States Navy plane departed from Long Island and stopped in Nova Scotia, Canada; the Azores islands, off of Portugal; and mainl... Read More »

If you buy a new iPhone 3GS in America can you use it in Ireland and Europe or do you have to unlock it?

If you are willing to pay Roaming prices to AT&T for having called from Ireland all the time then yes but otherwise you can't because the iPhone 3gS can only be bought WITH an AT&T subscription. ... Read More »

How to Find Gay Ski Weeks in North America and Europe?

The first gay ski week occurred in Aspen, Colorado. Gay ski weeks have grown in popularity and are available in North America, South America and Europe. Gay men and women can ski, snowboard, shop a... Read More »