What direction will you go from Europe to South America?

Answer Getting on any plane to any destination anywhere in the world is currently most unlikely without identification, and the method of identification is most likely to be a passport so - NO.

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Will Customs allow mailing of a fillet knife from the USA to South America?

When mailing anything considered dangerous, it is best to refer to the United States Postal Service guidelines to ensure you follow proper protocol. Whether a fillet knife is permissible to mail t... Read More »

Will America cancer survival rates drop to equal those of Europe?

Well, here's an interesting fact: in the case of prostate cancer, most men with tumours will die of other causes before their cancer has had time to spread. In the US they are classified as cancer ... Read More »

Can you mail an electric fillet knife from the USA to South America?

When shipping items to South America, shipping restrictions can vary widely, depending on the country you are shipping to. While an electric fillet knife might not appear on a restriction list, the... Read More »

Why can't america have a bullet train that runs from coast to coast europe has a lot, asia has it.?

$$$$no other reason, it has to be publicly funded, talk to your elected represantives.