What digital camera would be best for me and my price range this Christmas?

Answer If you are really on a budget and want the best quality for the money, check out the P&S Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 which has more features than most pro DSLRs that require auxiliary lenses not even ... Read More »

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Digital in price range till 400$?

Alright, I have experience with a few, but I'll tell you about the one's I've researched.The Panasonic gs180, or gs150 ( I haven't figured out which is better) are both fabulous cameras for the sam... Read More »

Supplies for filming Specifically, what camera would be best for my price range?

Low end camcorders have small lens and small imaging chip - this makes it impossible to capture good video under poor lighting conditions. Manual controls are buried in the menu and difficult to us... Read More »

What Digital Camera would have the BEST quality *price doesnt matter*?

The camera body is not the only thing that determines image quality. The lens has just as much effect on the image quality as the body. The kit lenses that come with the Canon rebels (350d,350d) l... Read More »

What is price range nikon D40x digital camera?

You take out the battery, then put it back in....the lens will still be out but press the power button ( this turn on the camera again) then you press it again to turn it off