What digital camera will accept a k-mount lens?

Answer some Pentax models-check magazine ads.

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Is there a digital camera which will accept the telephoto lens of the Minolta Vectis S-1?

Answer Yes, but who maybe not worth it With five manual Rokkor lenses, I've been hoping for the same solution... came across this website and then your ques... Read More »

Will a Canon AE1 lens mount on a digital SLR?

Canon's AE-1 camera was introduced in 1976 and takes FD-mount lenses, which are no longer manufactured and aren't typically compatible with modern digital SLR cameras. Some companies, however, do m... Read More »

Nikon N50 film camera body with several nice lens Is there a digital camera body these lens will fit on?

CAMERA LENS HELP! Getting a 60D soon! need to know which to mount.?

the 18-135 is a multi purpose zoom so it can be for telephoto down to wide angle, and i think the 18-200 was just a retaliation by canon from the nikons 18-200mm, if your looking for greater versat... Read More »