What digital camera is good for landscape pictures?

Answer I suggest looking at the Pentax K-7. It has several features that should appeal to you. First, its weatherized. Second, it has a focus motor in the camera body - not found in Nikon below the D90. T... Read More »

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Decent digital camera for landscape pictures......?

For the best results shooting landscapes or close-ups a DSLR will be your best choice. Sony, Pentax, Nikon and Canon all offer excellent entry-level DSLRs in the $500.00 to $600.00 price range. The... Read More »

What setting do I put my digital camera on to take good pictures when I can't use flash?

You need to use the widest lens aperture (Smallest F: number)

What isTHE BEST digital camera i want something that takes reallyyyyyy good pictures?

Canon Powershot series.Not too expensive and takes great photos.…

What are the two main file formats for saving digital pictures in a digital camera?

JPG and a native (proprietary) RAW format. TIF used to be common, but no more.JPG is a "lossy" compressed format, limited to 8 bits of information per RGB chanel, per pixel. The term "lossy" means ... Read More »