What digital camera is good for landscape pictures?

Answer I suggest looking at the Pentax K-7. It has several features that should appeal to you. First, its weatherized. Second, it has a focus motor in the camera body - not found in Nikon below the D90. T... Read More »

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Decent digital camera for landscape pictures......?

For the best results shooting landscapes or close-ups a DSLR will be your best choice. Sony, Pentax, Nikon and Canon all offer excellent entry-level DSLRs in the $500.00 to $600.00 price range. The... Read More »

What setting do I put my digital camera on to take good pictures when I can't use flash?

You need to use the widest lens aperture (Smallest F: number)

What isTHE BEST digital camera i want something that takes reallyyyyyy good pictures?

Canon Powershot series.Not too expensive and takes great photos.…

How can i take good close-up pictures of jewellery with 5 mega pix digital camera, to sell on ebay.?

They should be OK in MACRO mode, that's what it's for. But try using zoom so you can get farther away from the subject. Then crop the shot in the computer.