What digging tool is used in a flower bed?

Answer a fork

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What garden tool used for digging starts with an s?

How can I keep cats from digging up the bulbs in my flower bed?

I don't know about the garlic or cinnamon. But try this get some chicken wire, and cut a small round area where the bulbs will be located then place the wire over the areas. The cats will not b... Read More »

How to Keep Birds From Digging Up the Flower Pots on My Deck?

Gardeners place flower pots on their deck to add color and a touch of nature to the setting. While keeping beautiful flowers and herbs right outside your door is an inviting prospect to many people... Read More »

Is there any chemical I can use in my flower bed to stop dogs from digging up dead things I've buried?

You are much better off buying a half-dozen bottles of mustard and relish and barbecuing the evidence for your own consumption. Hell, invite your neighbors over and have them unwittingly assist y... Read More »