Types of Cameras Used in Wildlife Photography?

Answer Wildlife photography can be very rewarding as you capture the essence of nature in its own habitat. All that you really need is a back yard and the drive to take photos of animals, trees and birds.... Read More »

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What is the diferent between Blu Ray and HD DVD?

Initially "people" or the consumers we should say chose HD-DVD, not Blu-ray mainly due the fact that many HD-DVD players were much more affordable to consumers compared to Blu-ray players. At a tim... Read More »

How to Be Sneaky in Farcry 2?

So you want to be sneaky in Far Cry 2 well I have a couple of tips for you to know.

How to Snipe with a M4 Rifle in Farcry?

In Farcry, you get only one sniper rifle that can cover great distances and pack quite a punch as well. When you have no sniper ammo, or not even a sniper rifle, you can still snipe. Here is how.

What is HD formatwhat is AVCHD format and what is diferent between HD and AVCHD?

In practice, the the high picture / video quality (HI definition) means large data and a large file and so occupies more memory. So, a data compression scheme for picture / video data is being int... Read More »