What did you eat as a child that now seems totally disgusting?

Answer Sardines.Can't even stand the smell of them now.ThenPrunes and custard

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Why am i the only one at school who seems totally freaked out by the swine flu?

Well sweetie, it is pretty understandable that you would feel this way.You probably do have a weak immune system from the bulimia.Have you recieved treatment for it?If so, your immune system could ... Read More »

It seems that i have some ear wax right down deep in my ear and it seems to effect my hearing a quite bit?

This condition runs in my family. My father had this, and had to have the wax removed every couple of years. I had this done when I was 12 myself.What you need to do is spend about a week softening... Read More »

What was the last movie you saw that had an ending that totally surprised you?

probably the life of David Gale starring Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet, and Laura Linney. It is a true story about a texas professor that was totally against the death penalty in Texas. It is definite... Read More »

What is something you enjoy eating that most other folks wouldn't like or even find disgusting?

Sardine and onion sandwich.Baked bean and mayo sandwich