What did women wear in Medieval times?

Answer The specific type of women's medieval clothing depended greatly on the rank they held. Members of the nobility had beautiful clothes made of silk and other fine garments, while serfs and peasants w... Read More »

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What did knights wear in the medieval times?

Medieval knights were noblemen trained in combat and imbued with a chivalric code that dictated their behavior. The clothing they wore served as a symbol of their rank.UndergarmentsA knight's found... Read More »

What did the peasants wear in Medieval times?

Peasants in medieval times were very poor and had little money to spend on clothing. The clothes they used were rough and scratchy, often made from simple materials such as sheep's wool and cotton ... Read More »

What did boys wear during Medieval times?

Children in medieval times wore clothing very similar to their parents. For boys, the clothing they wore depended largely on what class they belonged to.InfantsInfant boys were wrapped in swaddling... Read More »

What was a serf in medieval times?

In Medieval times, serfs were tenant farmers who were bound to a Lord. They were tied to a hereditary plot of land, and it is this tie to a piece of land which differentiates them from slaves. Serf... Read More »