What did we do before the computer was invented?

Answer there was more use of paper thats for sure .. actually i think the pc has mostly just become the new center of entertainment for the home .. life goes on albiet more simplistic to purchase things a... Read More »

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What computer system was used before Microsoft was invented?

CP/M (Control Program for Microcomputers) was developed by Gary Kildall while working for Intel in 1974. It became the most popular operating system for personal computers by 1977. Microsoft used t... Read More »

What did people use before deodorant was invented?

The ancient Egyptians were apparently the first people to come up with the idea of masking body odor by applying combinations of citrus oils and spices. George Carlin does rule!

What was used before Masonite was invented?

In 1924, engineer and inventor William H. Mason, a former apprentice to Thomas A. Edison, was conducting experiments to find a replacement for plywood. As a result of those experiments, he invente... Read More »

What did people do before the refrigerator was invented?

Before refrigerators were invented people cooled their food with ice and snow.A pantry - a small room off the kitchen to store food, which may have had special insulation to ensure the room was coo... Read More »