What did we do before internet?

Answer We got out more... we interacted... communicated... walked... wrote letters... postcards... went to telephone boxes... used public transport, on which we met (and made) new friends... we used our h... Read More »

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What should I create on the Internet that has never been done before?

a hamsters life, have you seen what them lazy so and so's do. Bugger all until 10pm then the little shites are up all night running around that dam wheel

Were there bewbies before the internet?

Where's bewbi- ahem, I mean, cheezburgerz?!

How to Install Internet Explorer 7 Before or After Net Frameworks?

The NET Framework on your Windows XP computer is used to connect to the Internet. If you have Internet Explorer 6 on your Windows XP computer and you would like to update to Internet Explorer 7,upd... Read More »

Do i need to have an internet first before having a printer?

No, you can have a printer. It will print from whatever programs you have installed on your PC.