What did viking helmets do?

Answer A Viking helmet protected its wearer from possible blows to the head received during the intense hand-to-hand combat experienced in battle in the Viking Age (800-1050 A.D.)HistoryThe Viking helmet ... Read More »

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How to Find Viking Helmets in the Club Penguin Fashion Catolog?

The Viking helmet in the online interactive experience "Club Penguin" is a somewhat hard-to-find accessory that occasionally changes location in the game. As of 2011, the Viking helmets are hidden ... Read More »

How to Put Up a 2001 Viking Pop Up?

Viking pop-up campers set up quickly and with minimum effort. This allows trouble-free setup for those times when you arrive at your campsite and want to move on quickly to the vacation part of you... Read More »

Electrolux Vs. Viking?

Electrolux and Viking are two well-known brands that produce home appliances. Both companies manufacture everything from cooking ranges to air filters. Choosing the brand that will fit your needs i... Read More »

How to Draw a Viking?

Vikings were seen as dirty, old violent warriors. This wikiHow page will show you how to draw a viking. Just remember that vikings were seen as angry people so they never smiled.