What did they wear in the 1800s for cricket?

Answer The cricket uniform worn in the 1800s consisted of long white pants and a long-sleeved white shirt, white knee socks and white boots. The pants were traditionally made of flannel. A pullover, cable... Read More »

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Why is it very difficult to build/reopen railways now when they managed to do it in the 1800s?

remember in the 1800s every one had a interest in opening as it was very important to be near to a railway it could halve the price of coal and make it possible to get perishable to and from the m... Read More »

Would Women Have Consequences If They Didn't Dress Properly in the 1800S?

Life was difficult for women in the 1800s; they had almost no political rights, and upon marriage, a woman's inheritance would pass into the control of her husband. Women could not vote. It was not... Read More »

Ladies-If women think they so beautiful why do they wear makeup?

Some of us dont... and dont need to! Then get asked by other women how I keep my skin so nice!! "Its because I dont put any crap on it" !!!! lol

Do women intentionally wear loose low cut tops so that when they bend over forward, they can show their breast?

Blame men ! They are the ones that invented the bra and the tops! It's what you all wanted!