What did they call men and women in Roman times?

Answer Romans spoke Latin. Latin words for man include "vir," "compleo" and "homo hominis." Vir was associated with heroism and remains at the root of English words such as "virtue" and "virile." Latin wo... Read More »

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Who invented Times New Roman?

Victor Lardent designed Times New Roman for London's "The Times" newspaper. He did the original drawings under the direction of Stanley Morison, who was interested in font legibility and economy. T... Read More »

What kind of font is times new roman?

Times New Roman font is a serif font. A serif font has "feet" on the ends of the letters. The font was first used in 1932. This font is found in books, magazines, newspapers, legal documents and ot... Read More »

Did women work during the Roman Empire?

Women who chose to work during the Roman Empire had a variety of professions, including doctors, tailors, merchants, secretaries and teachers. Most of the work during the Roman Empire was done by s... Read More »

Women's Organizations in the Roman Catholic Church?

Catholic women's organizations take part in various activities including charitable works, prayer and helping those in need while working in the tradition of the Catholic Church. Many of these orga... Read More »