What did the red rose represent in Selena's movie?

Answer A red rose was part of a music montage in the movie "Selena," based on the life of Selena Quintanilla Perez. Many of Selena's songs were about forbidden love or love gone sour. In one of her songs ... Read More »

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What does a purple rose represent?

Purple roses of a lighter color, such as lavender, symbolize love at first sight, magic and enchantment. Purple roses of a darker color symbolize royalty, majesty, protection, parental love, elegan... Read More »

How did the rose become the flower to represent love?

The meaning of a red rose in Greek and Roman history and mythology was tied to the Goddess of Love. The Greeks worshipped the Love goddess Aphrodite and the Roman love goddess, Venus, was revered i... Read More »

Is selenas name on wizards of Waverly places alex?

What is the difference between a grandiflora rose and a hybrid tea rose?

A hybrid tea is a more modern version of the grandiflora.