What did the first vending machine dispense?

Answer The first vending machine was developed by Hero of Alexandria in the first century A.D. These vending machines were placed in the Egyptian temples to dispense holy water. The first commercial vendi... Read More »

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What did the first coin operated machine dispense?

The first-century mathematician and engineer, Heron (or Hero) of Alexandria, references the first known vending machine in his writings. The machine dispensed holy water when a coin was inserted. T... Read More »

How to Buy From a Vending Machine?

Vending machines are a convenient resource for grabbing a quick snack, sandwich or beverage. New innovations in vending allow consumers to even get items like clothing, calling cards and beauty pro... Read More »

Vending Machine Requirements?

Consumers rely on vending machines to provide them with a variety of products, from food and drink items to electronics, toys and skin care products. All vending machines have requirements concern... Read More »

Could this work on a vending machine?

No it wouldn't work. When you insert the coin it's held in a mechanism until the transaction is finished(when you select your product). When you hit the coin return button the mechanism releases an... Read More »