Why did Charles farmer leave nasa in the astronaut farmer?

Answer to save the family farm

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What was the name of the Lost In Space episode clearly patterned after Anastasia when one of the Robinson girls is confused with a lost princess?

"Princess of Space" ; aired in the third season of Lost in Space .

In the childrens song farmer in the dell. What is a adario when they say hi ho adario?

They are saying "High hoe the dairy oh the Farmer in the Dell"

What causes tractor battery to foam when being charged?

You are charging it too fast. Most likely you are charging a small battery in a law tractor.....most battery chargers have settings. You need to set it on the setting for the smallest batter an... Read More »

Tractor problem!! there is a old 3 wheel tractor on my farm from the coventry victor motor company?

It could be a 'Newman' - some of those had a Coventry Victor engine.See the link below, the second one in the list / photos, model Newman AN3.Edit - more pictures added, a large version of the firs... Read More »