What did the dentist put in my mouth?

Answer A little basic chemistry lesson...sour=acid, bitter=base. I assume you were getting a composite (tooth colored) filling. The sour tasting stuff he used is an acid etchant, and helps chemically bo... Read More »

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Can you get poisoned from an pus pocket in your mouth I cant get an dentist to treat it how do i get it?

if it spreads into blood stream yeshowever depends on how bad it isheres a site hope it helps…

Have you gotten a shot in your mouth from the dentist before?

that depends on how much you want it to hurt, and how good the person giving it is at giving shots. if you REALLY fear the shot, then its gonna hurt ten times as much as it should, but if you are ... Read More »

Need help, teeth/ mouth hurt and I can't see a dentist until Monday?

You should get antibiotics from your dentist instead, all for a pain prescription as well . You might need to pull That tooth out. Drink some Tylenol During the weekend. Do not eat sugar Candy. Fl... Read More »

Im terrified of the dentist and have a mouth full of abscesses...any ideas im having trouble eating.?

You will have to see your dentist, you can't ignore this. If you can't get an emergency dental appointment then see your doctor in the morning because you need antibiotics, which both the dentist ... Read More »