What did the camera replace?

Answer It replaces the need to paint a picture to capture the memory and it is 10 times faster taking a picture.

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Who should replace a $400 digital camera?

did you have a warranty on it? You should have had one.. otherwise take it to the store and ask them what they can do...otherwise forget about the camera for awhile....Im sure your roomate dont nee... Read More »

Can you replace a coolpix L4 camera screen?

Replacing Coolpix L4 Camera Screen Unless you're a very experienced technician, it's better take it / send it in for service. Biggest problem would be to get the part in the first place.

How can I use Visa to replace a stolen camera?

an insurance policy will cover you from accidents, getting handicap, some can be to cover car accidents damage or work accidents others cover health.

Someone stole my camera and i have the receipt and box, would they replace it?

If you bought it on a credit card less than a year ago then maybe.If you tried to get a replacement from the shop - no chance.If you have insurance - probably.