What did the average american pay in taxes in 2007?

Answer According to the Tax Foundation and the Internal Revenue Service, the average person paid 12.68 percent of their yearly income to taxes in 2007.Source:Tax Foundation: Summary of Income Tax Data

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What does the average American pay in income taxes?

According to the Tax Foundation, the average American paid 28.2 percent of their wages to income taxes in 2009. This took 103 days to pay off--or until April 13 of the tax year. However, this varie... Read More »

What percent of their income does the average American pay in taxes?

As of 2009, the Congressional Budget Office reported overall tax rates were 20.7 percent of the average American's income. However, according to an estimate by the Tax Policy Center, nearly 65.6 mi... Read More »

What did gm pay in taxes for 2007?

According to General Motors' annual financial report for 2007, the company paid $37.2 billion in income taxes for the year. GM also reported total sales of $181.1 billion for 2007 and overall losse... Read More »

How much did Toyota pay in U.S. taxes in 2007?

In 2007, Toyota paid $7.71 billion in income taxes. Toyota paid domestic income tax of $3.97 billion and foreign income tax of $2.73 billion, along with several hundred million dollars in deferred ... Read More »