What did the Romans call the present city of London?

Answer The Romans called present-day London "Londinium," according to the Museum of London. The name may have Germanic roots from the words "lang" and "dun," meaning "long hill," reports British archaeolo... Read More »

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How far is gatwick, london from the city center of london?

London Gatwick Airport lies 28 miles south of central London, a trip of about an hour by car.The airport's nonstop Gatwick Express train, which runs on a 27-mile track, is 30 minutes from the city ... Read More »

What river did the ancient Romans sail to reach their capital city?

Ancient Romans used the River Tiber, which flows through Rome, the capital of the Roman Empire, to the sea. It was a principal route for bringing goods from the coast and for navigating smaller boa... Read More »

How to Call London?

According to the United Kingdom's Office for National statistics, London was the most populous city in the European Union with more than 7.5 million residents in 2005. English is the primary langua... Read More »

How big is the City of London?

The ancient City of London is located in the center of Greater London and is surrounded by the seven London boroughs. Its measures 2.6 square kilometers in area, or about 1 square mile. The City of... Read More »