What did the Pilgrims eat at the first Thanksgiving feast?

Answer The first Thanksgiving was held in 1621, and while nobody knows everything that was served, historians do agree on a few details. Venison and wild fowl were definitely available for the menu, while... Read More »

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What did the pilgrims&indians eat at the first thanksgiving feast?

Although no one can say for certain what the original Thanksgiving feast table held, it's safe to assume there was a bountiful supply of food in 1621. Colonists likely ate seafood, wild game, fruit... Read More »

What did the Pilgrims& Indians eat at the first Thanksgiving feast?

Exactly what was on the table at the first Thanksgiving is difficult to know; however, lists the foods available to the Pilgrims and likely to be served. The list includes lobster, clam... Read More »

How many days did the first thanksgiving feast last?

Only two primary sources document the harvest celebration of 1621, which has become known as “The First Thanksgiving,” according to the Pilgrim Hall Museum. Mayflower survivor Edward Winslow w... Read More »

When was the first Thanksgiving feast in Virginia?

The first official Thanksgiving feast in Virginia was held on December 4, 1619, at Berkeley Plantation, according to the "Richmond Times-Dispatch." It was held the day that The Margaret, a ship con... Read More »