What did the 6 year old find in her mcdonalds happy meal (facebook thing)?

Answer Apparently the 6 year old found a condom.There are a lot of different stories though, pertaining to where it was. French fries, toy, etc.And yes someone has found a fried chicken head before.

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What year was the Happy Meal introduced?

McDonald's introduced the Happy Meal in 1979. The first happy Meal was a burger, fries and drink. Parents now have the option of selecting a Happy Meal with healthier alternatives, Chicken McNugget... Read More »

What year was the happy meal developed?

The first Happy Meal was served at a McDonald's restaurant in Kansas City, Kansas, in June 1979. The kid-friendly combo featured a Circus Wagon Train theme box along with a choice of hamburger or c... Read More »

On one is saying happy bday to me and a relative did but removed the thing in her wall about it?

Maybe you should check ur facebook profileeither u wrote a wrong date of birthor maybe facebook has forget to show ur birthday notification on ur friend's Homepage.

What is in a Happy Meal?

A regular Happy Meal is a complete child's meal found at McDonald's restaurant. The meal includes a McDonald's classic hamburger, a choice of small fries or apple dippers, and the choice of low-fat... Read More »