What year did the 15th Amendment guarantee voting rights regardless of race?

Answer The 15th Amendment to the Constitution, prohibiting voting rights discrimination based on race, passed Feb. 3, 1870. The amendment was a Reconstruction Era law in the aftermath of the Civil War int... Read More »

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What is a loan guarantee?

A loan guarantee is the promise to pay the debt of an individual or entity by a third party in the event that the debt is not paid in accordance with its stated terms and conditions.Asset Guarantee... Read More »

What is a guarantee agreement?

A guarantee agreement is a written contract whereby a third party to a loan assumes liability to the debt in the case of default by the primary loan holder/debtor. The third party is known as a gu... Read More »

What is a personal guarantee for a loan?

A personal guarantee for a loan is an enforceable promise made by a third party to a creditor to assume the obligation for payment if the original signer or primary obligor defaults on the loan.Cor... Read More »