What did steven hawking discover?

Answer Stephen Hawking is best known for his work on the existence of black holes, according to NASA. Hawking's work said that we could find black holes because they emit X-ray and gamma ray radiation.Sou... Read More »

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What did stephen hawking discover?

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has had a long and illustrious scientific career during which he made many discoveries. Some of his more prominent findings include contributing to the big-ban... Read More »

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Steven SpielbergBQ :Steven Spielberg :1) Saving Private Ryan2) Jaws3) ET4) Catch Me If You Can5) Raiders of the Lost ArkSteven Soderbergh :1) Oceans Eleven2) Oceans Twelve3) Oceans Thirteen4) Traff... Read More »

Where did Stephen Hawking get his bachelor's degree?

English physicist Stephen Hawking completed his undergraduate studies at the University College, Oxford, obtaining a first class honors degree in Natural Science in 1962. Shortly after graduation, ... Read More »

How to Install the Hawking Broadband Booster?

Each of the computers connected to a network competes for bandwidth for Internet-based applications such as email, web browsers and online games. The simultaneous use of applications can cause the ... Read More »