What did samuel de champlain discover?

Answer Born in 1567, Samuel de Champlain was a French explorer who traveled across much of North America. Champlain, who lived to be 69, is best known for his discovery of Lake Champlain, a body of water... Read More »

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What did Samuel de Champlain find?

French explorer Samuel de Champlain (1567-1635) was the main founder of New France in North America. He explored the St. Lawrence River and founded Quebec in 1608. He also explored the New England ... Read More »

Is Discover Bank connected to the Discover Card?

Yes, both Discover Bank and Discover Card are offerings of Discover Financial Services. The company has offered credit cards since 1986 and also owns both PULSE and Diners Club, two additional paym... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Samuel?

Samuel is a boy's name of Hebrew origin. It is found in the Bible and means "God has heard; asked of God." The name was traditionally Jewish but was popularized among English puritans in the 17th c... Read More »

What year did Samuel Morse die?

Samuel Morse, the inventor of Morse code, died on April 2, 1872 of pneumonia. He was 81 years old. Morse was also known for making improvements to the electric telegraph. He died a wealthy man, and... Read More »