What did rich children do in the medieval times?

Answer Medieval Europe and Britain were feudal societies, which entailed a complex system involving the exchange of loyalty to a lord or king for protection. In this hierarchical system, the wealthy and t... Read More »

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What was a serf in medieval times?

In Medieval times, serfs were tenant farmers who were bound to a Lord. They were tied to a hereditary plot of land, and it is this tie to a piece of land which differentiates them from slaves. Serf... Read More »

What was a mace in medieval times?

A mace was used as a weapon in medieval times. It was one of the most readily available types of weapon as it was cheap to make and did not require any specialist weapon-making skills.HistoryA mace... Read More »

What was a carter in medieval times?

A carter is very much as it sounds: a person who drives a horse-drawn delivery cart. In the Middle Ages job titles were somewhat different. Some of the surnames of today are connected to an ancestr... Read More »

What did people eat in the medieval times?

During Medieval Times, or the Middle Ages, people often lived in small farming communities that were owned by a lord. Under this system, peasants often lived more difficult lives and ate simpler me... Read More »