What do people in Uganda wear?

Answer Uganda is a country in East Africa, bordering Kenya, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The people in Uganda have a rich culture and history, and their traditional clothing is usually... Read More »

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What do people in the air force wear?

Before the AF takes custody of an aircraft from the company that builds it. It goes through numerous hours of acceptance flights. During these flights, the AF personnel will test the equipment on t... Read More »

What do emo people wear in the summer?

First of all, "emo" people not only suffer from cuts on their wrists due to self-mutilation, but also squeezing into tight black skinny jeans in the 100 degrees and plus summer heat. Being "emo" i... Read More »

Why do people judge me on what i wear?

ohhh it might be the age of the people involved.... or not... but some people just love to Pre-judge others and classify them..which is silly... your tastes are eclectic, and that's exactly wh... Read More »

What do people in Botswana wear?

Botswana is a southern African country and its name means "the place of the Tswana". It is the biggest producer of diamonds in the world and the people wear mostly Western attire. However, tribes l... Read More »