What did people use before deodorant was invented?

Answer The ancient Egyptians were apparently the first people to come up with the idea of masking body odor by applying combinations of citrus oils and spices. George Carlin does rule!

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What did people do before there was deodorant?

B.O Is actually a natural scent to attract females..Back then they didn't find it as disgusting as it is now as hygene is a must now a days as we are more aware of risks..

What did people do before the refrigerator was invented?

Before refrigerators were invented people cooled their food with ice and snow.A pantry - a small room off the kitchen to store food, which may have had special insulation to ensure the room was coo... Read More »

What did people use for washing before soap was invented?

When we were in Sri Lanka last year on a river trip we saw locals washing in the river. The guide told us that they usually rubbed themselves with sand if they did not have any soap.

What did people do before glasses were invented?

It seems glasses started to be used about 1450 (at least you start seeing people with glasses appearing in engravings, wood-cuts, paintings, etc starting about that time. Before this, for most peop... Read More »