What did john mauchly invent?

Answer John Mauchly helped invent the first large-scale electronic digital computer in during World War II with his partner Presper Eckert. The computer, named ENIAC for "Electronic Numerical Integrator ... Read More »

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What did john fitch invent?

John Fitch (1743 - 1798) invented a steam-powered boat that he tested in 1787 and patented in 1791. Although the commercial steamboat company he launched in 1788 was not successful, he demonstrated... Read More »

What did John Lane invent?

John Lane invented a plow capable of breaking stone. Lane completed the invention in 1833, just after moving to Homer Township in Wills County, Illinois. A monument to Lane is in Homer Township at ... Read More »

What did John Gorrie invent?

Dr. John Gorrie was a physician, inventor, scientist, and a humanitarian.In 1845 he resigned his position as a medical practitioner to pursue his interest in refrigeration. On May 6, 1845, John Gor... Read More »

When did John C Koss invent the ear buds?

prior to the just released 4th generation iPod touch, there was no built in mic so anyone wanting to use voip phone apps and audio recording/editing apps were unable. the iPhone never needed one an... Read More »