What did john fitch invent?

Answer John Fitch (1743 - 1798) invented a steam-powered boat that he tested in 1787 and patented in 1791. Although the commercial steamboat company he launched in 1788 was not successful, he demonstrated... Read More »

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Where did John Fitch go to school?

John Fitch did not receive a traditional school education and relied on his natural mechanical knowledge to realize that steam could move a water vessel. Born in 1743 in Windsor, Connecticut, Fitch... Read More »

What did John Gorrie invent?

Dr. John Gorrie was a physician, inventor, scientist, and a humanitarian.In 1845 he resigned his position as a medical practitioner to pursue his interest in refrigeration. On May 6, 1845, John Gor... Read More »

What did john mauchly invent?

John Mauchly helped invent the first large-scale electronic digital computer in during World War II with his partner Presper Eckert. The computer, named ENIAC for "Electronic Numerical Integrator ... Read More »

What did John Lane invent?

John Lane invented a plow capable of breaking stone. Lane completed the invention in 1833, just after moving to Homer Township in Wills County, Illinois. A monument to Lane is in Homer Township at ... Read More »