The late John Candy....... what if any of his films was your fav?

Answer Uncle Buck and The Great Outdoors were really good but you just can't beat his performance in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Del Griffith is one of the funniest characters ever. I can't go on a... Read More »

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What candy bar was introduced in 1930 by candy maker Franklin Mars?

In 1930, Franklin Mars added a chocolate coating to a candy bar made of nougat, peanuts, and caramel, inventing the Snickers bar. It was an instant hit, and sales are still going strong 80 years la... Read More »

What country did Pez candy come from?

According to the Pez company website, the candy was invented in Vienna, Austria, in 1927. Pez candy was initially developed as a breath mint and was named after the German word for peppermint, Pfe... Read More »

What is candy called from cacao beans?

Cacao, also known as cocoa, comes from the evergreen theobrama cacao tree. The seeds contained inside the 6 to 12 inch long cacao pods that grow on the tree are used to make the candy and flavoring... Read More »

What happened to John Waynes guns from his movies?

I'm not sure how well known it is but John Wayne had a wonderful gun collection. The guns he used in his movies were from his private colletion. It included many old and antique guns, some of them ... Read More »