:) What Would YOU Name Twins If...?

Answer 1. Lyra Jessamine & Lazarus Jude2. Iris & Silas (are those close enough?)3. Rowan & Jem4. Anya & Dmitri (oh, wow, I just realized that's the couple from the cartoon movie Anastasia...hmm, perhaps I... Read More »

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What would you name Twins if...?

What would you name twins if...a. They had to have the same initials (e.g., C.M. and C.M.)?Elora Amelie & Evageline Afton | Ezra Alexander & Ephraim Asa | Elora Amelie & Ezra Alexanderb. They had t... Read More »

What would you name twins?

• Lionel Jay & Paloma Delfina (Paloma means dove in Spanish and Delfina means dolphin)• Jordan Taylor (boy) & Evan Parker (girl)• Redmond Asher "Red" & Bèa Donna• Levi Cruz & Charlotte Gra... Read More »

What Would You Name Twins If .. + BQ?

Audrey Rachel and John Isaiah! :)BQ: I like all kinds of BNG's. My favorites are the ones that give you a list of names, and ask to come up with first/middle name combos. I find them helpful when i... Read More »

What would you name twins (SSA top 100)?