What did indians smoke in peace pipes?

Answer The peace pipe, which is considered a spiritual instrument, is filed with tobacco or a tobacco variation that is called kinnic kinnick. The kinnic kinnick is a non-hallucinate tobacco made from the... Read More »

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What do Indians smoke in peace pipes?

Also known as a calumet, a peace pipe is a ceremonial object that is usually smoked with tobacco and has ritual significance for many Native American tribes. The peace pipe is still used today as a... Read More »

How did the Indians make peace pipes?

A peace pipe, or calumet, is a smoking pipe used by Native Americans. The peace pipe was often used for ceremonial purposes as well as to consummate trades and agreements.Two PartsMost Native Amer... Read More »

What was smoked in peace pipes?

Smoking the peace pipe is a respectful act of friendship and worship shared among Native Americans. There are several tobacco-based blends packed into the pipe--hallucinogens or other narcotics are... Read More »

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