What did i do to my ankle?

Answer It is likely that you have a bone bruise. Bone bruises often the result from falls or sports injuries, however they can also be caused when objects forcefully hit the bone. These injuries can las... Read More »

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12 Weeks post ankle ORIF for bimalleolar ankle fracture, discontinuous mild pain in the ankle, is it serious?

Ankle support for Sprained ankle (grade 2) overkill Ace bandage + Ace brace + ankle brace (see pictures)?

I need help with my ankle foot what ever my ankle is like outward and leaning. Every time i wear sneakers my s?

134lbs and 5'0". This can cause it every time. Either this or you're the spawn of Yosemite Sam and are bow-legged as ****.

How long will it take for 2 broken bones on the ankle and a high ankle sprain ?