What did hernando cortes discover?

Answer Hernando Cortes was a Spanish explorer who sailed to Mexico in 1518. He encountered and conquered the Aztec Empire and its ruler, Montezuma, in 1521. He was named the governor of New Spain in 1523 ... Read More »

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What did Hernando Cortes discover in Mexico?

When Hernando Cortes, a Spanish conquistador, arrived in Mexico in 1519, he found Tenochtitlan, the capital city of the Aztec empire. Shortly after arriving in Mexico, he kidnapped Montezuma II, th... Read More »

What major bodies of water did Hernando Cortes take?

The Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortes sailed across the Atlantic ocean several times during his explorations for Spain in the early to mid-1500s. He also sailed from Cuba to Mexico across the Gu... Read More »

What did Hernando Cortez discover in Mexico?

Spanish explorer Hernando Cortez discovered black pearls in Mexico in 1535 while searching for gold. He and his men returned in 1539 and discovered the Baja California peninsula, according to Histo... Read More »

What in Mexico did Hernando Cortez discover?

Hernando Cortez led an expedition of 11 ships that landed near what is now called Vera Cruz, Mexico. He marched inland with several hundred Spanish soldiers and, after making alliances with other ... Read More »