What did children die of after World War 1?

Answer Many died of malnutrition and disease. Thousands died in the great flue epidemic in Europe after WW11.

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Compare and contrast the US foreign policy after the first World War and after the second World War?

No. Grover Cleveland, US President TWICE (non-consecutively[!]) was well-known as a non-interventionist. During his second term in office, he spoke against the annexation of Hawaii. He was also aga... Read More »

How was US foreign policy after World War 2 different from that after World War 1?

State Department and State Department of Homeland Security

What role did the U.S. play in the world after World War 2?

Should parents continue to finance their children after the children are 18?

Maybe assist them, but not totally finance everything. There are too many negative side effects of doing that. **There were a lot of children in my family, so we had to finance everything ourselves... Read More »