What did anasazi indians wear?

Answer Because cloth, leather and vegetable fiber deteriorate, very little Anasazi Indian clothing has survived. Most of the things that have survived have been durable items, such as jewelry. Most resear... Read More »

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What happened to the Anasazi indians?

According to the Colorado Bureau of Land Management, there was never an Anasazi tribe of Native Americans. In fact, the Anasazi is a Navajo word applied to people who lived in the Four Corners regi... Read More »

What language did the Anasazi Indians speak?

There was never an "Anasazi" tribe, so there is no one language of the Anasazi Indians. Archaeologists used the Navajo word "Anasazi" to describe the many peoples who lived on the Colorado plateau ... Read More »

Who did the Anasazi Indians worship?

The Anasazi Indians worshipped multiple gods and believed that people need to exist in harmony with the natural world, according to the Bureau of Land Management. They probably centered their relig... Read More »

How did the Anasazi indians get their name?

The Anasazi were the ancestors of the modern-day Pueblo people. Originally hunter-gatherers, they eventually settled in villages and learned how to grow corn and other crops in the Four Corners sta... Read More »