What did William Velez discover?

Answer William Yslas Velez is currently a professor at the University of Arizona. He created communication systems for submarines in the United States Navy and holds the patents for the technology. He is ... Read More »

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What did William Harvey discover?

William Harvey (1578-1657) was a scientist interested in how the body worked. By dissecting humans and animals, he discovered how the body circulates blood. His ideas were controversial during his ... Read More »

What did William Dampier discover?

In literal terms, William Dampier did not discover Australia. However, without his contributions to the exploration of Oceania and the Pacific, the discovery of the eastern coast of Australia would... Read More »

What did William Crookes discover?

Sir William Crookes was a chemist and physicist who discovered the element thallium. Crookes also identified the first known helium sample. In addition, the British scientist invented the Crookes r... Read More »

When did William Herschel discover Uranus?

William Herschel, a British astronomer, discovered Uranus in March 1781. Uranus was the first planet discovered in modern times. It is the third-largest planet and seventh from the sun. Uranus is t... Read More »