What did US foreign policy experts mean in the 1960s when they taked about ''the domino thory''?

Answer Not really, they were never claimed by the U.S. Below is a statement from the U.S. state department on their web site ; Here is the link : Status of ... Read More »

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What was the domino theory sa t related to foreign policy?

The United States was infuriated by Iran's attack on the American embassy and wished to retaliate by arming Iran's enemy, Iraq.

What was the domino theory and did the us use it to justify their foreign policy?

i have absolutely no idea, and personaly do not care........ask some one else or find out your self!

Why was the domino theory an influential part of us foreign policy?

The Domino Theory was the thought that if a country fell to Communism other countries would as well. Just like dominoes one after the other they fall.

Why was the Domino Theory such an influential part of US foreign policy?

No. That would be contrary to the concept of the separation of church and state.