How can you best gain custody of your child who is currently living with its mother in another state when the mother has a history of drug use and police involvement?

Answer Answer If you simply take the child, you'll likely be charged with kidnapping. Your best bet would probably be to take her to court for custody on the grounds that she is an unfit mother. The wise... Read More »

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Can a 15-year-old decide to live with their non-custodial father while visting without police involvement in Texas?

Answer Yes. Custody issues are civil affairs and police will not become involved unless a custodial parent has a court order of requisition to have the minor returned to their custody.

What traits of babies usually take from their mother and which from their father?

This is not a scientific answer or anything. But I've always heard that hair from the mother and eyes from the father. Which has proved very true with my son. He is 2 yrs old and still bald just li... Read More »

Russia: Do you agree that all Russians who permanently emigrate should renounce their Russian citizenship?

I think if you got another citizenship or a permanent residence. You should renounce your former citizenship. Disregard the positives and the negatives. The issues is this procedure is very difficu... Read More »

What Personal Values Can Students Gain by Developing Their Skills in Public Speaking?

Public speaking develops self-confidence, a sense of empowerment, effective communication skills and leadership qualities in students. Practicing public speaking in schools is important because it ... Read More »