What did Robert Millikan discover?

Answer Robert Andrews Millikan was a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who made numerous discoveries in molecular physics, electricity and optics. He is perhaps best known for discovering the charge of an el... Read More »

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What did Robert LaSalle discover?

Robert Cavelier La Salle was a French explorer who generally is credited with discovering the mouth of the Mississippi River on April 9, 1682, and claiming the entire Mississippi River Valley for F... Read More »

What did J. Robert Oppenheimer discover?

Often credited with creating the atomic bomb, J. Robert Oppenheimer headed a research team of more than 3,000 people in its production. The first atomic bomb exploded in a New Mexico desert on July... Read More »

What did Robert Koch discover with microscopes?

German scientist Robert Koch used microscopes to discover the specific bacteria responsible for tuberculosis, anthrax and cholera. In addition, he was also able to identify the germ responsible fo... Read More »

What year did Robert Hooke discover plant cells?

Robert Hooke first discovered plant cells in 1665 when he was looking at a slice of cork under his compound microscope. He described them as looking like honey-comb in shape, and that they reminded... Read More »