What did Ralph Nader do in the Army?

Answer Long before Ralph Nader supported the withdrawal of the United States Army from Iraq, he served in the Army himself. He made considerable culinary contributions during his short stay in the Army.Ti... Read More »

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How much money does ralph nader have?

Ralph Nader's current net worth cannot be described with perfect accuracy. He submitted financial data and account records as part of the 2004 presidential candidate registration process, at which ... Read More »

What religion is Ralph Nader?

In a "Washington Post" profile of his presidential candidacy, Ralph Nader's religion was listed as Christian. Nader, a consumer advocate, has spoken out for freedom of religion and separation of ch... Read More »

Is Ralph Nader a libertarian?

Ralph Nader does not claim any political party, or philosophical, affiliation. He has run for president on the Green Party and as an Independent, but he has not run as a Libertarian. Some of his id... Read More »

Why did Ralph Nader dislike the Corvair?

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader broke into the spotlight with his scathing criticism of the Chevrolet Corvair, which he described in his 1965 book "Unsafe at any Speed."LawsuitsIn the early 1960s, Na... Read More »