What did Paul Ehrlich first use chemotherapy to treat?

Answer Paul Ehrlich originally used chemotherapy to treat syphilis. The first syphilis treatment he invented was called Salvarsan. It was the 606th chemotherapy tested in his studies. The next successful ... Read More »

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What did Paul Ehrlich discover?

Paul Ehrlich discovered a cure for syphilis in 1910. Marketed under the name Salvarsan, this medicine was used to treat syphilis until penicillin was discovered, according to The New York Times. Pr... Read More »

What is the first visit of chemotherapy like?

Cancer patients often tend to worry and stress about their first chemotherapy visit. By knowing exactly what to expect on treatment day, it may help patients relax and keep their fears at bay.Recom... Read More »

Who first invented chemotherapy?

Paul Ehrlich is known as the "Father of Chemotherapy" for his research during the late 19th and early 20th centuries on targeting cancerous cells. His discoveries were not put into practice until t... Read More »

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