What did Old Yeller die from?

Answer In the Walt Disney film "Old Yeller," the dog of the same name contracts rabies after tangling with a rabid wolf. The male star of the movie, Travis Coates, played by Tommy Kirk, has to shoot the d... Read More »

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What present did Travis Coates receive from his father Jim at the end of Old Yeller?

At the end of “Old Yeller” after the dog is attacked by a rabid wolf and Travis is forced to kill him, Jim Coates allows his son to keep and raise Old Yeller’s puppies. He also brings Travis ... Read More »

What is the family's last name in Old Yeller?

The last name is Coates. Travis, Jim, Codi, Arliss played in the movie with the same last name.

Who wrote old yeller?

The book "Old Yeller" was written by Fred Gipson and published in 1956. It won the prestigious Newberry Award. Gipson also wrote other fiction and nonfiction books, including "Savage Sam." Gipson c... Read More »

How many pages is"Old Yeller"?

The book "Old Yeller" is 158 pages long. It was written by Fred Gipson and released in 1956. "Old Yeller" is a classic tale about a young boy growing up in Texas and the big, yellow dog he takes in... Read More »