Who plays lovey on gilligans island?

Answer Natalie Schafer

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On Gilligans Island what was Gilligans first name?

What island was gilligans island filmed on?

Gilligan's Island wasn't actually filmed on an island. It was filmed on stages at CBS Studio Center in Los Angeles, California. The island seen in the opening credits is Coconut Island near Hawaii,... Read More »

What was Mrs. Howell's first name on Gilligan's Island?

Her given name is Eunice, but her husband Thurston calls her "Lovey."

What was the professor's name on gilligans island?

The professer is always refered to as 'Professer' until one of the last episodes when he was refered to as a complicated name like Aloiscious (that was probably mispelt). But his last name is never... Read More »