What did Leif Eriksson discover?

Answer Some experts believe that the Scandinavian Leif Eriksson sailed to the shores of Baffin Island, then possibly to Labrador and Newfoundland. No one knows if he was blown off course, or purposely sai... Read More »

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When was Leif Eriksson born?

Leif Eriksson, an Icelandic explorer in the 10th and 11th centuries, was born around 975. According to various histories written in the 13th century, Eriksson was one of the first European explorer... Read More »

Who went with Leif Eriksson on his voyage?

When Leif Eriksson sailed to Greenland, 35 intrepid men accompanied him. One of the men, a German named Tyrker, was like a foster-father to Eriksson, according to Fordham University's website. Erik... Read More »

What did Leif Erikson discover?

Leif Erikson was the first person to discover North America. He arrived on the shores of Northwestern America in the year 1000, preceding Christopher Columbus by almost 500 years. Erikson and his m... Read More »

What did Leif Ericson discover?

Historians believe that around 1000 A.D. Norse explorer Leif Ericson became the first European to discover the Americas. The Norse named the land he discovered Vinland, which they described as bein... Read More »