What did Laura Bassi discover?

Answer Laura Bassi was an early Newtonian physicist. Bassi's specific discoveries are not recorded. Bassi was one of the first women to become a paid professor when she began teaching anatomy at the Unive... Read More »

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What caste is the surname"Bassi"?

The surname "Bassi" belongs to the "Jat" caste. The "Jat" caste is historically made up of landowners, farmers and warriors. Bass is an ancient tribe of the Jats. This tribe settled in Punjab, Sind... Read More »

Is Discover Bank connected to the Discover Card?

Yes, both Discover Bank and Discover Card are offerings of Discover Financial Services. The company has offered credit cards since 1986 and also owns both PULSE and Diners Club, two additional paym... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Laura?

The girl's name Laura comes from the Latin word "laurus," referring to the laurel or bay plant. Ancient Romans wove laurel leaves into wreaths to crown victors and honor heroes. Variations of Laura... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Laura Louise?

According to Behind the Name, the name Laura is the feminine form of the Latin "Laurus," which means laurel. Louise is the French feminine form of "Louis", which was the name of several French king... Read More »