What did John B Watson discover?

Answer John B. Watson was a research psychologist in the early 20th century. Revolutionary for the time, Watson theorized and wrote about behavioral psychology, which emphasizes psychological development ... Read More »

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Is Emma Watson (from harry potter) related to Lucy Watson (from Made in Chelsea)?

yes, that's her sister.EDIT: ok i did a little more research and Lucy is her half sister. She has 5 half siblings.

What did John Oxley discover?

John Oxley discovered Australia's Castlereagh and Peel Rivers and the Liverpool Plains during his expedition from New South Wales in 1818, according to Oz EdWeb. Oxley had intended to find the head... Read More »

What did John Snow discover?

Dr. John Snow, born 1813 in York, England, is known as the father of modern epidemiology. In the 1850s, Snow theorized that germs in the drinking water supply were the cause of cholera epidemics, a... Read More »

What did john thomson use to discover the electron?

English physicist Joseph John Thomson used cathode ray tubes to explore the nature of the electron. In these experiments, electrons were found deflected by charged plates and magnets. Many years la... Read More »