What did Johannes Kepler discover?

Answer Johannes Kepler founded the astronomical theory of celestial mechanics. Celestial mechanics explain the movements of the planets. He formulated three laws that explain the movements of the planets ... Read More »

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Where did Johannes Kepler go to school?

Johannes Kepler attended the Latin school in Leonberg, Germany from 1576 to 1584. In 1584, he entered a Protestant seminary in Adelberg and, in 1589, he began his studies at Tubingen University. Ke... Read More »

What did Kepler discover?

Johannes Kepler, who lived from 1571 to 1630, was a German mathematician and astronomer most famous for discovering three laws governing planetary motion. These laws, known as Kepler's Laws of Plan... Read More »

What did Kepler discover in 1611?

In 1611, Johannes Kepler published "Dioptrice," which was a work on the refraction by lenses. It is the beginning theory of telescopes and the founding text on the science of optics.Source:The hist... Read More »

Who was Johannes Vermeer?

Johannes Vermeer was a Dutch artist. He was born in Delft, Holland in 1632, and he was active in the late 1650s. His most famous painting, "Girl with the Pearl Earring," is considered a masterpiece... Read More »